The Portland Critics Association is a not-for-profit organization that believes in civil discourse and safe, all-inclusive environments, and expects its members to practice the following guidelines in professional spaces and in the larger public as representatives of our community.

Inclusion Statement

Film criticism is an ongoing conversation, one in which inclusion plays a central part. The Portland Critics Association believes in and supports equality across age, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical abilities, race, and religion. It is our mission to uphold the diverse voices who make film a vital art form for social change.  

Harassment and Hate Speech

Members are to always act in a professional manner when interacting with studio representatives, publicists, theater staff, filmmakers, and other critics. The Portland Critics Association holds a zero-tolerance policy for abuse and harassment, related to a member’s in-person and/or online behavior.

Harassing behavior we will not tolerate includes but is not limited to: bullying/stalking, disruption of Portland Critics Association events, hurtful language, inappropriate physical content, intimidation, physical assault, unwanted recording, or unwanted sexual attention. 

Similarly, the Portland Critics Association will not tolerate hateful language or actions from members related to age, citizenship status, disability, gender identity or presentation, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any further areas deemed unprofessional. 

Professional Guidelines

Films provided by studios are an extension of privilege as an accredited member of the association. We expect members to adhere to studio requests regarding the handling of their screeners, embargoes, or the access of screenings. We believe that access to films, filmmakers, and other creatives is a privilege not a right, and that members are to conduct themselves in person and online with the same respect. Abuse of that privilege through unprofessional conduct may result in expulsion from the organization.

Portland Critics Association members will at all times refrain from:

  • Deliberately plagiarizing materials from other writers
  • Stealing goods or services from studio representatives, theaters, or other Portland Critics Association members
  • Using Portland Critics Association membership to demand special treatment (this includes demanding promotional items for personal use, demanding extra screening passes, or demanding free passes to films that have already opened)
  • Allowing gifts or favors to influence the content of reviews
  • Reviewing films you have not seen
  • Reviewing films in which you, or someone you know well, has a creative or financial interest without disclosing this information in the review
  • Threatening or harassing artists, studio representatives, theater owners/employees, or other Portland Critics Association members
  • Unauthorized recording of theatrical releases
  • Unauthorized copying and/or sale of studio screeners, including (but not limited to) internet distribution

about Us

The Portland Critics Association is founded as a group of writers, reviewers, broadcasters and cinema historians, dedicated to amplifying public awareness and appreciation of the cinematic arts.

Established in 2021, our objective is to support and promote the local film community, encourage the progression and preservation of films, and recognize extraordinary achievements in filmmaking -- local, national and global -- through the administration of our annual awards.